It is time to Fight Back!
Is the Credit Crunching?
Card payments starting to pinch?
Paid enough in card charges and interest to last a lifetime?
Stop Paying Credit Card Charges
There has been pages of press about 'unfair' bank charges, but did you know that you have probably been paying your credit card under similar terms and that it is highly likely you can claim back a significant proportion, if not all, the fees you have paid. These claims are not suspended like bank charges, because there is no test case going through the courts.
And don't pay the bill!
On top of the card charges, if you signed your credit card agreement before 1st July 2007 there is a good chance that the contract contains so many unfair terms as be unenforcable and therefore null and void. This means that you may not need to pay the money owing on your card.
Unfair Contract Terms
The Consumer Credit Act 2006 came into force in July 2007 and provided additional protection for consumers and made the determination of unfair clauses much more onerous on the lenders. This means that if your agreement was made before July 2007, it may be unenforcable.
How do I Claim
The process could not be simpler. Either complete the contact form to the right or call us on the helpline. We will take you through the options of engaging our services or send you a DIY pack. For more details click on the Cards link above.
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